My US Shopping Basket Is Filled With Canadian Products!

Published by Colette Lekborg, Trade Commissioner of Agriculture, Food & Beverage, and Consumer Goods | 2020-09-02 15:41:19

The 2020 pandemic crisis has brought some attention to the food supply chain which is a complex web of interactions involving farmers and fishers, other inputs, processing plants, shipping, retailers and more. Customer shopping habits have been forced to evolve, adopting some new behaviors. According to the Food Industry Association (FMI) survey, 40% of Americans are reporting they have been cooking more compared to before the pandemic. COVID-19 has driven shoppers to online grocery shopping and despite some unsatisfactory customer experiences, the rate of online grocery shopping is dramatically elevated. Whether you’re shopping on-line or at the local grocery store, now is the time to consider and check out fantastic Canadian products!

Canada’s agri-food sector encompasses a wide range of industries from primary agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture to food, seafood and beverage processing. The food and beverage processing industry is the second largest manufacturing industry in Canada in terms of value of production with sales of goods manufactured worth $118 billion in 2019. In addition, it’s the largest manufacturing employer and provides employment for 290,000 Canadians.

Canada is also widely regarded as having one of the strongest food safety systems in the world. This global reputation is evident by the fact that in 2019 we exported to 192 countries with a significant portion (72%) exported to the United States followed by China and Japan.

With the cancellation of numerous trade shows, our partners in Atlantic Canada organized a Virtual Trade Show to connect buyers with over 40 Atlantic Canadian food, beverage and seafood companies. Attendees from around the world, including New England visited the e-booths, chatted with suppliers and participated in a number of other show activities. This modern powerful tool will increasingly be embraced by industries as a cost-friendly and more efficient alternative to physical marketing activities.

Agriculture and Food Trade Commissioners across the United States are identifying and developing new opportunities for Canadian agri-food exporters. We’re working with organizations such as RangeMe, a product discovery platform used by retail buyers to source new products for their retail stores. This is a great way for Canadian clients to tap into opportunities they offer. The upcoming launch of the Canadian Flavors website will assist buyers with their strategic sourcing needs. We will also host webinars on navigating the world of eCommerce. Tips on production, branding and how to sell food online will be explored.

If you’re a New England buyer looking to source new products, check out these great Canadian products below and please feel free to connect with me at:

Beekeeper’s Natural Inc.  A wellness company obsessed with crafting sustainable, effective, all-natural health solutions using hive superfoods, while on a mission to raise awareness and safeguard the future of bees!  Toronto, Ontario

Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company  Mouth-watering kettle cooked potato chips from the Albright family potato farm.  Waterville, New Brunswick

Crofter’s Organic  Leading brand of organic jams/spreads in the US and Canada.  Parry Sound, Ontario

Deebee’s Organics  The organic fruit pops are a premium, delicious guilt-free delight combining tasty organic fruits and healthful herbal blends.  Victoria, British Columbia

DiCiocco Farms  The family has led the industry in perfecting the art of growing consistent, premium hydroponic produce that is superior in taste, quality and provides maximum shelf life.  Leamington, Ontario

DuBreton  A family-owned company specialized in natural and organic pork production and processing.  Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec

Evive Smoothie  The first-ever frozen smoothie cube concept ready in 30 seconds without a blender. Montreal, Quebec

Fromage CDA Grey Owl goat cheese is irresistible. The creamy smooth texture and light grey coating will enhance any cheese platter.  Anjou, Quebec

Kinnikinnick Foods  Bakes goodies that are gluten-free & free from dairy, nuts, peanuts & soy in one of the world’s largest dedicated facilities.  Edmonton, Alberta

Oatdeal  Oatdeal has a line of flavored gluten-free oatmeal smoothies with added probiotics and prebiotics-simply mix with hot milk or milk replacement.  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Partake Brewing  A craft non-alcoholic beer brand that has been called a “game changer” by fans.  Calgary, Alberta

Piccola Cucina  Almond based, healthy indulgent creations including macaroons & pie shells. All products are free from gluten, dairy, soy, yeast & corn; most are also grain-free.  Winnipeg, Manitoba

Pump House Brewery  The largest microbrewery in Eastern Canada with the award winning Crafty Radler.  Moncton, New Brunswick

Purity Factories Ltd.  Purity freshness, Purity goodness, and great Purity taste. 50 products including crackers, cookies, biscuits, candies, jams and syrups.  St. John’s, NL

Raspberry Point Oysters  With over 25 years in the oyster business, Raspberry Point Oyster Co. produces some of North America’s most sought-after oysters.  Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Rochef Chocolatier  Produced in the Outaouais region, Rochef has been producing gourmet chocolates for more than 10 years. Gatineau, Quebec

Scout  Scout is a North American craft cannery and sustainable seafood brand. Toronto, Ontario

Three Farmers  Three Farmers offer healthy, wholesome, plant-based snacks including roasted chickpeas, green peas and lentils.  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Van Dyk’s By Nature  100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice. Picked fresh and squeezed to perfection.  Caledonia, Nova Scotia

Wendell Estate Honey  Wendell State Honey is raw, unprocessed and sustainably-produced. Nothing is added and nothing is removed from the pure prairie-blossom honey.

Roblin, Manitoba