Introducing the Inaugural Canadian Taste Makers Accelerator Program

We are pleased to announce the first annual Canadian Taste Makers Accelerator Program in collaboration with the Consulates in Boston, Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis. A small group of Canadian food and beverage companies looking to grow their business and expand outside our borders have been selected to participate in the accelerator program through February 2022. The program provides important connections to U.S. clients, strategic partners, investors, and a network of local mentors, as well as business development and strategic advice.

With the Taste Makers program, we are highlighting innovative and creative businesses in the food and beverage sector as well as tapping into an entire new set of mentors from across the country with diverse backgrounds and insights from their years in the industry. These mentors will provide some key services including one-on-one review of product offerings, strategic business advice and monthly office hours.

The market for food and beverage is ripe with opportunities for leading-edge premium brands. The sixteen cohort members have demonstrated a differentiated and validated product, a defined target audience and significant traction in the Canadian market. This year’s members represent a wide range of specialties in the food and beverage sector with an emphasis on providing healthy and sustainable options.

Please join us in welcoming the Canadian Taste Makers 2021 cohort. We are looking forward to sharing more about each of the journeys and growth of these budding brands:

  • Better Start Naturals Inc./Welo – Ontario based Welo makes kid-approved snacks with real ingredients that are low in sugar. The snacks and bars are made with love and aimed at making parenting a little easier.
  • Big Mountain Foods Ltd. – Established in 1987, Big Mountain provides plant-based proteins and meals that are real, simple and good. This women owned and operated company is in the heart of Vancouver British Columbia.
  • Black River Juice Company Inc – From humble beginnings in the cherry orchards of Prince Edward County, Black River now offers more than 30 juice and fruit juice spritzers across Canada. Throughout their growth, the company has maintained quality and continues to innovate new flavors and products.
  • Blue Heron Creamery Ltd – Founded in British Columbia, Blue Heron’s cheese alternatives made from a base of legumes can be found throughout Canada. The company aims to be here for the animals, the people and the planet by broadening what is possible in food.
  • Drizzle Honey – Drizzle sells honey products with unique flavors and superfood blends. The company sustainably supports local farmers and honey bees by making responsible changes in the food industry and to contributing to pollinator research.
  • Eatable Foods Inc. – Ontario based Eatable makes flavored popcorn inspired by your favorite happy hour cocktails and spirits. The company aims to fill the gap in clean, yet exciting party snacks and simple indulgences.
  • Flamaglo Foods Limited/Yoso – Family-run, Ontario-based Yoso makes plant-based yogurt and spreads. The brand is dedicated to creating nutritious and wholesome products that support our health, our community, and our planet.
  • Healthy Berries Ltd – Superfruit Puree – Based in Prince Edward Island, Superfruit Puree produces one-of-a-kind, high-quality, whole fruit puree products. Enjoyed in a variety of drinks, recipes or on its own, its simple ingredients provide good health and good taste in one.
  • Le Petit Mas – Since 1989, Le Petit Mas, has offering premium garlic products and condiments. The company continues to innovate practices in agricultural production, food processing and management, while integrating respect for the environment and sustainable development.
  • Made With Local Snack Foods Inc. – Made with Local started as a simple farmer’s market table and is now a B-Corp certified food provider available at stores across Canada. Its real food bars and granola products are still baked at home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, by locals with local ingredients.
  • MRC Liquids+Solids Culinary Innovations Inc/Liquids + Solids – Operating as a supplier with two café locations, Liquids & Solids provides soups, stews & chilis in refrigerated, heat and serve format in recyclable containers. Made with working families in mind, the company strives to maintain the delicate balance between affordability & accessibility of quality ingredients.
  • Righteous Gelato – Alberta-based Righteous Gelato makes premium gelato, dairy-free sorbetto and plant-based gelato, all while working to support their communities, people and planet.
  • Snack Simple – Montreal based, Snack Simple is shaking up snacks with its lower sugar muffin mix in a cup and high-protein pancake mix. The company uses organic ingredients to change consumers’ eating habits by offering healthy and innovative snacks, one bite at a time.
  • ulivit superfood inc. – Saskatchewan-born ulivit makes meat/tofu alternatives made from chickpeas and fava beans. This approach is good for our health and good for the planet.
  • Upstreet Craft Brewing/Libra Non Alcoholic – The brewers at Upstreet make non-alcoholic craft beer without sacrificing taste. Libra adjusts the traditional process of boiling off alcohol to maintain the craft flavor and appeal.
  • Wild Tea Kombucha – Located in Calgary, Alberta, this small-batch brewery creates delicious and approachable kombuchas that are naturally low in sugar. The company continues to innovate in cocktail-inspired and hard kombucha products.

The accelerator program is key to achieving our goals and synergistic relationships, as demonstrated in other cross-regional accelerators. We are excited to focus on the value, and delicious innovations, that we see coming out of the food and beverage space.