CTA graduate streamlines healthcare processes across borders

Published By Serban Georgescu

Just about everyone has experienced the frustration of waiting for a health care appointment or service. That is why one Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston graduate took matters into their own hands, and with the help of the Consulate, expanded the market for their innovative services that proved not only efficient, but in the past year, extremely timely.

Rémi Richard and Yan Raymond-Lalande first got the idea behind Pomelo Health when Richard’s father put a nail through his hand while working on a home-renovation project and waited seven hours to be seen in a crowded emergency department. Richard explained he wished there was a way to leave his number and be called back when they could see his father. There had to be a better way but adding to the workload of busy healthcare administrators wasn’t an option. The two, who ran a service that built websites for businesses, got the idea to create an electronic kiosk that would allow patients to register and wait for such appointments remotely.

With the onset of COVID-19, this offering quickly went from a vast improvement in efficiency, to an essential tool for providers and patients alike. In 2020, it is that original concept that is helping patients meet with their doctors in a safe manner. The suite of software tools and apps have continued to grow and mature, helping to handle the flow of patients as well as vaccine distribution. Most recently, the company has seen its vaccination system be implemented in Texas, New York and California.