The CTA experience was extremely valuable, and in particular the staff (both in the Bay Area and in Boston) helped us make key connections that opened several new business opportunities. We’ve booked substantial new revenue from a new, blue-chip customer in the Bay Area already this year, and we’ve deepened our relationship with another key California-based customer. We have also just closed an A-Series investment from firms with whom we developed relationships during our time in the Boston CTA. Overall, the CTA program is a jewel, giving Canadian businesses a significant leg up. The staff and programming are top-notch, and their help has been transformative for our company. I really can’t say enough good things. If you’re a Canadian entrepreneur looking to do business beyond Canada’s borders, you’re doing your business a disservice if you don’t investigate with the CTA and DFTATD has to offer

Michael Fergusson, CEO and Co-Founder of Ayogo

Ayogo Health Inc., an emerging technology company that transforms the way consumers with chronic conditions engage with their own care, announced today a Series A investment of $2.5 million from a syndicate of investors including Merck Global Health Innovation Fund (GHI), Excel Venture Management, and 7Wire Ventures. The financing will accelerate Ayogo’s growth with expanded research and development and sales and marketing. David Stevenson of GHI, Caleb Winder of Excel, and Lee Shapiro of 7Wire will join Ayogo’s board of directors.

“The traditional Healthcare Industry is being fundamentally transformed before our eyes, by new technology, new marketplaces, and new ideas about what health means in people’s lives – and that process is accelerating,” said Lee Shapiro, Managing Partner of 7Wire Ventures. “We’re very excited to partner with the team at Ayogo as they continue to empower consumers to change the way they think about and manage their health.”

Ayogo’s EmpowerTM platform harnesses game mechanics and social patterning effects to enhance intrinsic motivation, build self-efficacy, and help healthcare consumers integrate their care plans into their real, daily life. “People living with chronic conditions often need to make very difficult changes to their lives, attitudes, routines,” said Michael Fergusson, CEO and co-founder of Ayogo. “To support this herculean effort, they get 6-10 hours per year with their healthcare provider. Our mission is to be there, empowering them for the other 8,750 hours.”

Founded in 2011 in Vancouver BC, Ayogo has seen a steady stream of accolades as its business has grown, and as it has added some of the largest healthcare and life sciences companies in the world to its client list. “Ayogo has built a leadership position in a rapidly growing market,” said Caleb Winder, Managing Director at Excel. “What Michael, Paul, and the team have accomplished over the last three years is very impressive, and Ayogo’s products have the potential to significantly improve patient engagement, a problem costing healthcare systems around the world hundreds of billions of dollars.”

(excerpt from http://ayogo.com/about/)