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Mentor Spotlight: Meet Brian Dervan

Published by Liam Orme | 2017-06-05 10:07:04

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Assistant Vice President, Store Manager Central Square, TD Bank

Brian is a business leader with over 10 years of experience at TD Bank, contributing to the bank’s growth in Cambridge and the Northeast.  His client services experience has led to the Central Square to deliver 12% of the lending for the region during the fiscal year 2012.  Brian also takes pride in developing strong employee relationships at the bank through ongoing coaching that has resulted in multiple employees being promoted, while also achieving high employee experience scores.  He has also hired over 270 external and internal candidates with a high retention rate.  Prior to TD Bank, Brian was a recruiter with CMIZ Mahoney Cohen, where he maximized the firm’s profitability and effectiveness by attracting and retaining top accounting talent.


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