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Mentor Spotlight: Dr. Jill Becker

Published by Liam Orme | 2016-10-17 10:26:16

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Founder and CEO, 02139 Inc.
Lead Mentor

Experienced in maximizing value for high growth technology companies


Dr. Becker is CEO and Founder of 02139 Inc., a consulting firm that provides executive consulting services to both public and private companies with a heavy focus on accelerating growth.  She is also heavily involved in the entrepreneurial scene in the Boston area and abroad, as well as a fund advisor. Prior to that, Dr. Becker was CEO and Founder of Cambridge NanoTech Inc.  Under her leadership the company was instantly profitable, operating at a profit every year and one of the fastest growing private companies in the US from 2008-2012.  Dr. Becker is a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and has won numerous awards including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  Jill is a board member of the Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England.


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