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September, 2020

My US Shopping Basket Is Filled With Canadian Products!

Published by: Colette Lekborg, Trade Commissioner of Agriculture, Food & Beverage, and Consumer Goods

Whether you’re shopping on-line or at the local grocery store, now is the time to consider and check out fantastic Canadian products!

Canada’s agri-food sector encompasses a wide range of industries from primary agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture to food, seafood and beverage processing. The food and beverage processing industry is the second largest manufacturing industry in Canada in terms of value of production with sales of goods manufactured worth $118 billion in 2019. In addition, it’s the largest manufacturing employer and provides employment for 290,000 Canadians.

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July, 2020

Why Invest in Canada? Why Now?

Published by: Carolin McCaffrey, Investment Trade Commissioner

Because Canada's post COVID-19 economic recovery plan can help your organization grow.

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#FDI destination: global market access, talent, cost

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The Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has affected us in ways we would have never imagined and it continues to spread around the world. While its full impact on the global economy remains to be seen, the Government of Canada has taken significant and decisive action to fight the pandemic and to protect Canadian citizens and businesses. Canada has been resilient in the face of crises and quick in its economic recoveries. It remains open for business and welcoming to Foreign Investment.

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July, 2020

Following the Chronometriq Dream

Published by: Serban Georgescu, CTA Boston Program Manager

When it started in the CTA, it was a company of about 25 employees. The Boston CTA program has helped catapult it to a new level.

We recently invited Yan Raymond-Lalande, Chief Executive Officer, and Remi Richard, Chief Innovation Officer to share their story and CTA experience with companies from our current CTA cohort. Here are snippets from the Chronometriq’s path from Montreal to Boston to global, as related by their two cofounders.

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June, 2020

Why Does Edtech Matter for the Future of Work?

Published by: Andrew Maker, ICT Trade Commissioner

Predicting the future of work is like predicting the weather - the short term may have some glimmers of certainty but no one really knows what will be around the corner in 6-12 months.  The current COVID-19 pandemic is a perfect example of this. Planning is one piece, but the anticipation of change is more important and realizing that we need to be flexible with our systems and capabilities is perhaps the MOST important element. But what does this have to do with kids, school, and trying to figure out distance learning?  Well, a lot actually.  At the core, teaching kids to work in a remote setting will better prepare them for the eventuality that remote work as an adult could be something they have to deal with. 

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April, 2020

Marine Sensors: Discovering our Oceans and Delivering Data to Industry

Published by: Erin Donahue

As ocean technology industry continues to grow on both sides of the border, it will offer new opportunities for innovation and collaboration between Canadian and New England companies.

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April, 2016

2016 InBIA Accelerator Program of the Year Award goes to The Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston (CTA@Boston)

Published by: Rachele Ryan

The Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston (CTA@Boston) wins the InBIA 2016 Accelerator Program of the Year Award!

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