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April, 2020

Potential Opportunities in Life Sciences Stemming From COVID-19 Pandemic

Published by: Milos Todorovic, PhD and Serban Georgescu, MD, MBA

Out of every crisis, a new opportunity arises. As the health care systems are struggling to cope with the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the life sciences industry is refocusing its priorities on the fly to help in the fight against the coronavirus, innovative technology developers should look beyond the current crisis for opportunities that will arise once the dust settles.

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April, 2020

Marine Sensors: Discovering our Oceans and Delivering Data to Industry

Published by: Erin Donahue

As ocean technology industry continues to grow on both sides of the border, it will offer new opportunities for innovation and collaboration between Canadian and New England companies.

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June, 2017

Mentor Spotlight: Alan Greenblatt

Published by: Liam Orme

Alan is the co-founder and CTO of PaymentWorks, a business to business supplier network solution that allows companies and their suppliers to communicate easily.

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June, 2017

Mentor Spotlight: Meet Brian Dervan

Published by: Liam Orme

Brian is a business leader with over 10 years of experience at TD Bank, contributing to the bank’s growth in Cambridge and the Northeast.

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May, 2017

Mentor Spotlight: Adam Buckley

Published by: Liam Orme

In 2001, Mr. Buckley helped establish VBI Vaccines. His efforts included attracting seed capital to VBI, developing its business plan, protecting intellectual property and structuring the company.

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March, 2017

Mentor Spotlight: Meet Tori Hackett

Published by: Liam Orme

Tori is an experienced investor and a successful founder with a few acquisition exits to her credit.

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March, 2017

Mentor Spotlight: George Dawson

Published by: Liam Orme

George is an expert in online and offline consumer marketing, marketing measurement and operational improvement, with an interest in building high growth businesses (25%+ year-over-year growth) and new business ideas within large corporations.

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March, 2017

Mentor Spotlight: Colin Brennan

Published by: Liam Orme

Colin Brennan is a serial entrepreneur and executive with over 30 years of experience.

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